WiSport brings together racers and organizers to create a series of fun and challenging events, frequently benefiting community organizations. Not only can you race, but give back in the process. Don't forget most races will feature WiSport member only prize drawings.

Race Results

Get your results and standings quick. We usually have all results and standings updated within hours of race completion. Of course, this does depend on the timing companies and web access.


WiSport is of course about results. But that's not all. There's nothing like being able to relax, maybe enjoy an adult beverage and talk racing, bikes, or whatever.

A Little About WiSport

The History- Bicycle racing in the United States has not provided opportunities for the average citizen to participate and therefore compete. Unlike runningand cross country skiing, which have many opportunities for all age groups and levels of ability bicycle racing opportunities were not available. This situation changed in 1988 when Jim Menzel of Stevens Point, WI founded WiSport, a citizen bicycle racing organization that fosters participation for gender and age groups. The premise of WiSport is to support and promote locally sponsored bicycle races and provide a scoring system based on your age and gender, so that each individual is racing against persons in their age group and gender. Scoring during the racing season is based on participation, the more events you race the higher your score regardless of your place at any specific event. WiSport gives individuals who started bicycle racing later in life a chance to participate against others in their age group and experience the camaraderie that bicycling brings to ones life

WiSport does not sponsor races but rather supports local community events put on by chamber of commerce, Lions clubs, volunteer fire departments and the like. In this way WiSport not only provides the citizen racer opportunity to participate in bicycle racing but also to participate in local community events.WiSport began with age groups in 5 year increments beginning with 14-19. At its inception, in 1988, the age groups for men ended with age 45 + and for women 40 +. Today the age groups continue at 5 year increments; however, today the age groups beginwith 13 and under and end at 80 + for both women and men. This is a testament of the desire to participate and compete in the life long sport of bicycle racing. WiSport’s age group scoring by participation makes the first 10 riders as important as the last 10 in all racing events which emphasize reward of the effort and not the result.


Come see what racing can really be. Have fun. Push yourself. See what you are really capable of in a friendly and fun racing environment.


Andrea Potyony-Smith

Andrea has been hard at work promoting our events to the masses. She has also served briliiantly as our Chief Cat Herder.

RJ Ochmann

RJ took over webmaster duties in 2011. Since then, he has put together applications to score events quickly and get the results out to members. This year he has rolled out RFID timing for select events in order to assist WiSport's organizers in keeping there events profitable for their beneficiaries.

Seth Vollrath

Seth stepped in to his role as Sponsorship Coordinator last year. In his first year he brought on Waterford Cycles as a primary sponsor. Look for the drawing for a custom Waterford frame at this year's banquet.

Jim Menzel

Thanks to Jim's vision, we now have WiSport. This is his baby. Thanks Jim! He also makes really cool wheel clocks too.



Contact Information

10110 Welcome Ave N, Brooklyn Park, MN 55443
WiSport Citizens Cycling

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