Race Results - Pedal for Proceeds

Place Name Gender Age Group Age Group Place Time
Place Name Gender Age Group Age Group Place Time
1Peter NelsonM35-39159:09:00
2Doug BaileyM35-39259:09:01
3Derek MoranM40-44101:01:47
4Andrew SchmidtMU15101:01:36
5Christian GriegoM40-44201:01:59
6Matt BeckerM30-34101:02:35
7Quentin GniotM45-49101:02:42
8Ken MyszkewiczM40-44301:02:43
9Andrew ArendsM30-34201:02:44
10Jose MontoyaM40-44401:02:44
11Nate PhelpsM40-44501:02:45
12Brian KultM45-49201:04:57
13Kris EndicottM35-39301:04:57
14Tim GraceM45-49301:01:31
15Mark SchindelM30-34301:05:08
16Ralph BredlM60-64101:05:57
17Ross AdamsM50-54101:06:30
18Dylan ZakrajsekMU15101:06:38
19Kevin RoyM30-34401:06:46
20Brian RaymerM45-49401:08:45
21Steve WehrleyM65-69101:08:48
22Wayne ArnoldM50-54201:08:55
23Jamie HaagM55-59101:09:16
24Adam RaychelM35-39401:10:02
25Robert SorensonM45-49501:10:03
26Richard GehinM60-64201:11:55
27Paul KinsmanM60-64301:12:44
28Brian FriedM50-54301:12:45
29Jeff TremethickM45-49601:12:45
30Sharon BredlF55-59101:12:47
31Connie TrappF50-54101:12:51
32Justin BruskyM35-39501:12:56
33Ryan BlennertM40-44601:13:39
34Mike KalilM50-54401:14:25
35Christopher SchmidtM40-44701:14:47
36Greg BarkerM45-49701:15:05
37Jim SaueressigM45-49801:16:03
38Jeff WoodsM55-59201:20:12
39Randall FlemingM50-54501:21:09
40Ann ArnoldF40-44101:22:15
41Greg ReeseM70-74101:22:30
42Kim MyszkewiczF40-44201:24:00
43Marty WallingM50-54601:27:06
44Susan WoodsF55-59201:27:23
45George BlennertM65-69201:28:39
46Michael CheckM25-29101:28:56
47Andrea Potyondy-SmithF35-39101:31:57
48Julia EggenerF45-49101:32:00
49Wayne SmithM70-74201:33:16
50John BinderM65-69301:33:16


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WiSport is and always has been a volunteer run organization. No one gets paid. We do this out of our love of racing and this wonderful community of racer and friends. With sponsorship at a premium, every dollar counts. Every dollar that comes in goes into our to our prize fund and the year end banquet. All donations are accepted. If you wish to discuss sponsorship opportunities, please email us at WiSport@WiSportCycling.org.