Race Results - Penokee Mountain Range Classic Bike Race and Tour

Place Name Gender Age Group Age Group Place Time
Place Name Gender Age Group Age Group Place Time
1Adam HansonM35-39101:52:07
2Keene JessopM20-24101:52:28
3Daniel LoganM45-49101:52:28
4Robert SteiberM30-34101:52:28
5Joseph HoelscherM45-49201:54:18
6Craig CurtisM50-54101:54:18
7Mike BobuschM40-44101:54:18
8Timothy AndrewM50-54201:54:19
9Andrew ArendsM30-34201:54:19
10Stuart BensonM50-54301:54:19
11Timothy LouisM50-54401:54:20
12Steve BobuschM45-49301:54:21
13Dalton CollinsM15-19101:54:22
14Mitchell FreundM20-24201:54:25
15Derek JonesM40-44202:01:36
16Kevin RoyM30-34302:03:17
17Brian FriedM50-54502:03:17
18Jim SaueressigM45-49402:03:18
19Marc WrubleM50-54602:03:18
20Johnny ThompsonM60-64102:03:18
21William EllerbruchM45-49502:03:18
22Peter MahlerM40-44302:03:18
23Connie TrappF45-49102:03:18
24Todd DryerM60-64202:03:19
25Jason RueschM40-44402:03:27
26Michael BerzinskiM55-59102:03:48
27Wayne ArnoldM50-54702:14:17
28Spencer PrusiM35-39202:14:18
29Jedd BeachM45-49602:14:18
30Tom StecklingM55-59202:17:57
31Dave MelcherM55-59302:17:58
32Andrea Potyondy-SmithF40-44102:17:58
33Rick CarpenterM50-54802:17:59
34Dave WilcoxM60-64302:18:00
35John SheldrakeM55-59402:18:18
36Steve MarschnerM50-54902:19:05
37Steve LouisM50-541002:19:05
38Avery DahlM55-59502:20:51
39Phil ChandlerM55-59602:21:41
40Dave KeroM55-59702:21:48
41La1y BergquistM60-64402:21:56
42Bruce PletkaM65-69102:21:56
43Jonathan CobbM60-64502:22:22
44Barb JusulaF40-44202:22:28
45Jim YaegerM55-59802:22:28
46George BlennertM65-69202:30:35
47Wayne SmithM70-74102:30:36
48Greg ReeseM70-74202:30:38
49Gavin KingM40-44502:30:45
50Varick OlsonM70-74302:36:19
51Dave DreikosenM60-64602:38:12
52Joe SybledonM70-74402:43:44
53Ty JuoniM45-49702:46:07
54Tammie JonasF45-49202:46:10
55Dee WrubleF45-49302:56:06
56Neal BaudhuinM60-64702:56:07
57Sara BrownF20-24102:59:13
58Ann DryerF50-54102:59:13
59Seija AndersonM40-44602:59:13
60Pam DryerF60-64102:59:13
61Marva SahsF65-69103:01:23
62Neal LundeenM60-64803:01:23
63Steve FoutsM45-49803:33:09
64Ryan BlennertM40-44700:00:00
65Dave WesnerM35-39300:00:00
66Todd KinartM45-49901:54:19


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