Race Results - Flambeau Time Trial

Place Name Gender Age Group Age Group Place Time
Place Name Gender Age Group Age Group Place Time
1Tim MulrooneyM45-49100:23:49
2Jon LesterM40-44100:24:09
3Tom Sta1M55-59100:26:51
4Jamie HaagM55-59200:27:21
5Robert StieberM30-34100:27:37
6David LarsenM50-54100:27:52
7Peter MahlerM40-44200:28:21
8Chris LeuthM30-34200:28:42
9Kevin RoyM30-34300:29:07
10Ralph BredlM60-64100:29:08
11Angela EngelF35-39100:29:11
12Scott LeumM45-49200:29:28
13Dave HagelinM60-64200:30:27
14Annelies Sta1eveldF25-29100:30:38
15Greg FenzlM50-54200:30:43
16Jim SmithM60-64300:31:06
17Andrea Potyondy-SmithF40-44100:31:08
18Randy LuethM60-64400:31:30
19Ryan BlennertM40-44300:32:22
20Varick OlsonM70-74100:32:30
21Sharon BredlF55-59100:32:49
22Bruce PletkaM65-69100:33:00
23Wayne SmithM70-74200:33:19
24Sally LesterF40-44200:34:00
25Marva SahsF65-69100:34:07
26Neal LundeenM60-64500:34:14
27Mara MahlerF40-44300:35:17
28Megan LesterFU15100:35:27
29Joe SybledonM70-74300:36:19
30Lucy FenzlF50-54100:36:32
31John BinderM65-69200:37:01
32Macy LesterFU15200:38:03
33Jeffrey FoutsMU15100:54:43
34Bryanna FoutsFU15301:10:25
35Steve FoutsM45-49301:10:26


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