Race Results - Pursuit of the Arts

Place Name Gender Age Group Age Group Place Time
Place Name Gender Age Group Age Group Place Time
1DEAN HODGEM30-34101:09:36
2NICHOLAS HARDTM35-39101:09:36
3ROSS WHITEM25-29101:09:36
4ANDREW ARENDSM30-34201:10:23
5CHRIS STINDTM30-34301:10:23
6DUSTIN KILNESSM30-34401:11:30
7BENNY SMITHM40-44101:11:38
8JOHN WYCISKALLAM45-49101:11:57
9CRAIG WOLFEM25-29201:12:28
10RALPH BREDLM60-64101:12:32
11PETER MAHLERM40-44201:13:35
12ALAIN CROSFIELDM50-54101:16:38
13KEVIN ROYM30-34501:17:29
14CHUCK ANGERM60-64201:17:49
15ERIC CASTRENM45-49201:17:59
16JOHNNY THOMPSONM60-64301:18:47
17GREG CRITESM45-49301:20:29
18SAMUEL PRISSELM14-19101:20:31
19CHAD JOHNSONM40-44301:20:34
20JOE TRELEVENM50-54201:21:18
21ATTILA KOVACSM45-49401:23:23
22DARIN WEBERM45-49501:23:49
23STEVE GRICIUSM35-39201:26:26
24LEAH VANDERLINDENF14-19101:26:31
25MARC ANDERSONM45-49601:26:31
26ROBIN SWARTZM60-64401:26:41
27JIM SAUERESSIGM45-49701:27:36
28SHARON BREDLF50-54101:28:56
29RIAN MINTEKM60-64501:29:50
30LEAH KARSTENF20-24101:29:56
31JOHN REUTERM50-54301:29:58
32ANNA KREOFSKYF25-29101:30:06
33BRUCE PLETKAM65-69101:31:03
34DANIEL KENWORTHYM25-29301:31:31
35SARA PANKF35-39101:31:39
36RON WHITEM65-69201:31:56
37JOHN WEBBM45-49801:33:00
38CHRIS WATTM50-54401:33:00
39DOUGLAS FORTUNEM65-69301:33:15
40GREG REESEM70-74101:35:19
41MARK BLASKEYM60-64601:35:53
43ROLF VAN HOUTENM60-64701:39:45
44NEAL LUNDEENM60-64801:40:57
45EMILY BLASKEYF60-64101:42:40
46VICKY KLINKF50-54201:43:42
47DANIELLE GOULETTEF20-24201:47:12
48MARVA SAHSF65-69101:47:14
49CAMERON WANEKM20-24101:47:15


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