Race Results - WBR Double Bong

Place Name Gender Age Group Age Group Place Time
Place Name Gender Age Group Age Group Place Time
1Jeffery OttoM45-49100:49:41
2Kurt SpoerleM50-54100:54:25
3Travis GoodlundM45-49200:54:44
4Robert BurkeM65-69100:54:50
5Todd KinartM45-49300:55:04
6Michael DavisM55-59100:55:38
7Jim WolterM50-54200:55:46
8Keith StoneM45-49400:55:51
9Dan SwensonM45-49500:56:11
10James LinnM50-54300:56:50
11Eoin O DonnellM40-44100:57:47
12Michael HaedickeM60-64100:57:50
13Steve BartramM60-64200:57:56
14Darin SteinerM55-59200:58:00
15Andrew LaddM50-54400:58:02
16William SchuppM30-34100:58:19
17Dean OttM55-59300:58:36
18James SneddonM50-54500:58:40
19Mark MisickoM50-54600:58:56
20Krzysltof MuskalaM50-54700:58:57
21James HandM50-54800:59:32
22Dane LuhrsenM60-64300:59:50
23La1y GrubartM55-59400:59:57
24Kaz MIlasM30-34201:00:08
25Ladisalv VasakM40-44201:00:20
26David KruegerM35-39101:00:30
27Gary RuloM55-59501:00:35
28Tom Sta1M55-59601:00:45
29Gregory HanrahanM40-44301:00:54
30Kevin BrownM45-49601:00:55
31Marian KielarM65-69201:00:58
32Michael AbrahamM55-59701:01:09
33Timothy LawlerM60-64401:01:35
34Mark TaderM40-44401:01:42
35Jamie HaagM55-59801:01:57
36Mike RummelhartM60-64501:02:01
37Peter OyenM40-44501:02:32
38Charlie RodgersM55-59901:02:33
39Steve WehrleyM65-69301:02:38
40Guoiber CuevasM30-34301:03:36
41Travis KreuzigerM35-39201:04:22
42Julie LoganF45-49101:04:57
43Ronald PowersM60-64601:04:59
44Grzegorz SkrzypczakM35-39301:05:23
45William LopezM30-34401:06:23
46William BarnesM35-39401:06:51
47David TrotterM55-591001:07:10
48Higiio PerezM25-29101:08:27
49Richard KryszakM55-591101:08:51
50Runel GarciaM45-49701:10:16
51Richard AldermanM60-64701:16:05
52Jessica LaufenbergF40-44101:17:35
53Christine WodkeF55-59101:27:13
54Victoria McAdamsF60-64101:27:38
55Dobbin McNattM75+101:31:31


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