Race Results - Flambeau 40 Road Race

Place Name Gender Age Group Age Group Place Time
Place Name Gender Age Group Age Group Place Time
1Lester JonM40-44101:20:39
2Collins DaltonM15-19101:21:45
3Burton CoreyM35-39101:21:46
4Becker MattM30-34101:21:46
5Stieber RobertM30-34201:21:46
6Arends AndrewM30-34301:21:46
7Gau JeffM40-44201:21:46
8Iverson ChrisM50-54101:21:46
9Moran DerekM40-44301:21:46
10Wahlstrom NelsenM45-49101:21:46
11Jones RyanM40-44401:21:46
12Olek TannerM25-29101:21:47
13Arends KevinM60-64101:21:47
14Nest DavidM50-54201:21:47
15Kinart ToddM50-54301:21:47
16Potrykus JasonM30-34401:21:47
17Burns BrianM40-44501:21:47
18Starr TomM55-59101:21:47
19Gniot QuentinM45-49201:21:47
20Curtis CraigM55-59201:21:48
21Doberstein RoryM35-39201:21:48
22Haag JamieM55-59301:21:48
23Drangeid SamM20-24101:21:48
24Bredl RalphM60-64201:21:49
25Shepherdson MarkM40-44601:21:50
26Mahler PeterM40-44701:21:51
27Brown TomM55-59401:21:57
28Brusky JustinM35-39301:21:57
29Mehler MarkM40-44801:21:57
30Skinner TomM50-54401:21:58
31Phelps NateM40-44901:22:05
32Schindel MarkM30-34501:22:09
33Roy KevinM30-34601:22:10
34Jones DerekM40-441001:22:17
35Saueressig JimM45-49301:26:32
36Fenzl GregM50-54501:35:16
37Arnold WayneM50-54601:38:08
38Berzinski MichaelM55-59501:40:43
39Hagelin DavidM65-69101:40:46
40Steif ToddMU15101:40:50
41McCarrier JulieF45-49101:40:50
42Lester SallyF40-44101:40:50
43Olson VarickM70-74101:40:51
44Wilcox DaveM65-69201:41:05
45Janssen GaryM70-74201:41:05
46Berkey TylerM35-39401:41:16
47Vandenberg ZacharyM20-24201:48:20
48Arnold AnnF40-44201:48:36
49Bergquist LarryM60-64301:50:02
50Bredl SharonF55-59101:52:15
51Reese GregM70-74301:54:49
52Brown - Tandem Ann/MichaelM50-54701:55:01
53Smith WayneM70-74401:56:52
54Sahs MarvaF65-69101:57:00
55Lundeen NealM65-69301:57:00
56Anderson EricM45-49402:01:35
57Stenger ScottM50-54802:01:46
58Pletka BruceM65-69402:02:42
59Binder JohnM70-74502:02:44
60Desnayer DonnaF40-44302:03:37
61Baudhuin NealM60-64402:03:42
62Traska KristiF55-59202:07:54
63Sybledon JoeM70-74602:07:54
64Potyondy-Smith AndreaF40-44402:09:54
65Ochmann RJM40-441102:09:54
66Moore TrishaF35-39102:15:48
67Overhagen Larry R.M65-69502:24:48
68Fouts SteveM45-49500:00:00


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