Age Group Results (RR)- 2019

Name Gender Age Group Points
Name Gender Age Group Points
Kelly BrandtF30-3450
Kimberly MyszkewiczF40-4499
Julie McCarrierF45-49100
Susan WoodsF60-6450
Kevin RoyM30-3450
Andrew ArendsM30-3449
Justin BruskyM35-3950
Mark MyszkewiczM40-44100
RJ OchmannM40-4450
Jim SaueressigM45-4950
Paul KinsmanM60-6499
Kevin ArendsM60-6450
Jeff WoodsM60-6450
Danny BrownellM60-6448
Steve WehrleyM65-6950
Dobbin McNattM75-7950


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10110 Welcome Ave N
Brooklyn Park, MN 55443
WiSport Citizens Cycling

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WiSport is and always has been a volunteer run organization. No one gets paid. We do this out of our love of racing and this wonderful community of racer and friends. With sponsorship at a premium, every dollar counts. Every dollar that comes in goes into our to our prize fund and the year end banquet. All donations are accepted. If you wish to discuss sponsorship opportunities, please email us at