Age Group Results (RR)- 2018

Name Gender Age Group Points
Name Gender Age Group Points
Anne & Mike BrownTandem50
Andrea Potyondy-SmithF40-44200
Kimberly MyszkewiczF40-4499
Julie McCarrierF45-49200
Ann ArnoldF45-49147
Sharon BredlF55-59200
Susan WoodsF60-64100
Marva SahsF65-6950
Cameron WilcoxM25-2948
Andrew ArendsM30-34100
Justin BruskyM35-39100
RJ OchmannM40-44198
Mark MyszkewiczM40-44100
Peter MahlerM40-4450
Ryan BlennertM40-4449
Steven FoutsM45-49148
Marc WrubleM50-5450
Wayne ArnoldM50-5450
Jamie HaagM55-59100
Kevin ArendsM55-59100
Phil ChandlerM55-5950
Ralph BredlM60-64199
Jeff WoodsM60-64100
Randy LeuthM60-6449
Bruce PletkaM65-69198
George BlennertM65-6948
Greg ReeseM70-74150
Varick OlsonM70-7450
Wayne SmithM70-7449


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WiSport is and always has been a volunteer run organization. No one gets paid. We do this out of our love of racing and this wonderful community of racer and friends. With sponsorship at a premium, every dollar counts. Every dollar that comes in goes into our to our prize fund and the year end banquet. All donations are accepted. If you wish to discuss sponsorship opportunities, please email us at