Age Group Results (TT)- 2017

Name Gender Age Group Points
Name Gender Age Group Points
Bryanna FoutsF0-13249
Emerie Bredl-HryndejF0-13100
Amelia LueckF0-1348
Meagan VlasekF30-3450
Angela EngelF40-44250
Andrea Potyondy-SmithF40-44247
Kimberly MyszkewiczF40-44247
Ann ArnoldF40-44145
Julie McCarrierF45-49250
Julia EggenerF45-49245
Michelle BibeauF50-54100
Sharon BredlF55-59250
Susan WoodsF55-59147
Marva SahsF65-69250
Owen LueckM0-13246
Carter LueckM0-13200
Masyn Bredl-HryndejM0-13192
Jeffrey FoutsM0-13142
Hoyt HallM14-1950
Robert StieberM30-34249
Kevin RoyM30-34243
Clark StoikM30-34196
Andrew ArendsM30-3450
Justin BruskyM35-39250
Derek MoranM40-44200
Peter MahlerM40-44200
Ben DeYoungM40-4498
Ryan BlennertM40-4496
RJ OchmannM40-4448
Steven FoutsM45-49249
Mike ButtkeM45-4950
Wayne ArnoldM50-54250
Mark WrubleM50-5448
David LarsenM50-5446
Robert MakiM55-59246
Jamie HaagM55-59244
Tom BrownM55-59241
Tom StarrM55-59199
Kevin ArendsM55-59150
Armen HadjinianM55-59147
Dan BibeauM55-5993
Matt HallM55-5945
Ralph BredlM60-64249
Richard GehinM60-64249
Jeff WoodsM60-64244
Darryl MatayaM60-6450
Paul KinsmanM60-6447
Kevin SythM60-6445
Steve WehrleyM65-69250
Neal LundeenM65-69245
Bruce PletkaM65-69198
John BinderM65-69186
T Bruce BowersM65-6998
George BlennertM65-6993
Jerry JessopM65-6949
Cleve PettersenM70-74250
Varick OlsonM70-74247
Ron PembertonM70-74242
Greg ReeseM70-74191
Joe SybeldonM70-74139
Wayne SmithM70-74139
Terry JuracichM70-7497
Tom PomeroyM70-7448
Gary JanssenM70-7445
Dobbin McNattM75+250


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