Tour de le Vache Standings - 2018

Women's Open

Name Points
Angela Engel155
Andrea Potyondy-Smith126
Marva Sahs91
Bonny Donzella85
Gabrielle Russell80
Jessie Llewellyn77
Paula Liske76
Jennifer Mettler74
Jill Besker72
Mindy Wagner70
Megan Webster70
Christine Block67
Julie McCarrier65
Amy Stevens64
Kimberly Myszkewicz60
Teresa Prichard59
Sharon Bredl58
Annika Ferber58
Rhonda Narlock57
Lorelee Zywiec56
Kesha Marson55
Steph Green52
Susan Woods52
Jolene Burton51
Sarah Hartung50
Martine Lueck49
Cheryl Iverson45
Melissa Roberts39
Lisa Riemanschneider37


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