Tour de le Vache Standings - 2017

Men's Normally Obsessed

Name Points
Ralph Bredl132
Steve Wehrley119
Robert Stieber100
Kevin Michalski100
Tim Ayers99
Paul Kinsman99
Chris Iverson99
Rod Hawkins98
Ben Deyoung98
Jeff Woods97
Gary Simon96
Jerrry Jessop96
Ryan Blennert95
Terry Juracich94
Clark Stoik94
Varick Olson93
Chris Wiswell93
Hoyt Hall92
Russ Patten92
Riichard Gehin92
Justin Brusky91
Steven Katner91
Dan Bibeau91
Kevin Syth90
Eddie Herrick89
Neal Lundeen88
George Blennert87
John Binder86
Matt Hall85
Cleve Pettersen84
Doug Fortune84
Dobbin Mcnatt83
Tom Pomeroy82
Wayne Arnold82
Jeremy Olson82
Brian Burns82
Kevin Roy66
Charles Ferrell54
David Larsen50
Robert Maki49
Tom Starr48
Bagdan Rylski35
Pat Ellis35
Peter Mahler32
Tom Brown32
Johnny Thompson27
Darryl Mataya22
Jamie Haag12


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